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New membership fee $5
Share withdrawal fee (5 free per month) $5
Print statement fee (quarterly) $2
Statement copy fee (per month) $5
Dormant account fee per month
(after 12 months of inactivity)
Account research (per hour - minimum 1 hr) $35
Credit union corporate checks (5 free per month) $2
Early withdrawal from club accounts $10
Verification of deposit - same day $30
Bad address/return mail fee $5
Stop payment fee $30
Return deposit or loan payment fee $31
Wire transfer - outgoing domestic $25
Wire transfer - outgoing international $35
Affidavit of support letter $20
Loan late fee: 20% of interest due minimum $29
Loan skip-a-payment fee $20
Monthly checking account (less than $1500 daily) $3
Monthey checking account w/direct deposit FREE
First 12 temporary checks FREE
Temporary checks (12 checks) $5
Check orders TBD
Overdraft courtesy pay per item $31
NSF item return fee $31
Stop payment fee $30
Deposit item sent for collection $31
ATM NSF fee $31
ATM deposit adjustment fee $5
ATM deposit empty envelope $31
ATM deposit check collection fee $31
EFT overdraft couresy pay per item fee $31
EFT NSF return item fee $31
EFT stop payment fee $30

The preceding fees and charges are subject to change without notice. The fees shown above supersede our prior Fee Schedule.